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Soundesque is comprised of a team of passionate, young, talented and driven composers, sound designers, producers and audio-engineers, who first met while attending the Berklee College of Music.

We all love what we do here at soundesque!  Feel free to check out our work, shoot us a message, inquire for a free quote or just drop in to say 'Hi!'...We want to hear from you! We would love to work with you!  Whatever the scope your project may be, serving it will be our #1 priority!


Salvador Blajé Montiel

lead Producer/Composer, Co-Founder

Shirley"Xue Ni" Song


Jimmy "Yanming" Yu

Tracking/Mixing Engineer/Producer

Mai Ikushima

Sound designer/foley artist







Salvador Blajé Montiel (Sal•B) was born in Barcelona (Spain) and spent most of his childhood watching his parents mastering the craft of cutting and selling fish, hoping one day to also be able to master a craft like they did. Despite the fact that none of his parents were musicians, Salvador was always listening and dancing to music, whether it was on the radio or from his Dad's vinyl collection.

Having begged his parents for a drum-set for years, he finally received his first drum-set at the age of fourteen.  Practicing and playing hours on end, the excitement and passion for the drums that Salvador experienced at the age of fourteen has stayed with him till now.  Salvador has played in several bands and collaborated with many artists around Barcelona.  Salvador also teaches regularly and was a private instructor at the music school Aula de Música Moderna i Tradicional in La Garriga.

 At the age of sixteen, Salvador was touring across Spain with his band Tetuà, a world music band, having played over a hundred concerts and recorded and produced two successful EPs.  It was during this time Salvador discovered his passion of being 'behind the music', as a music producer.  

While being involved full time in music, he was discovered by talent agents and starred in many commercials, including Head and Shoulders and Dasani/Coca-Cola. During this time, Salvador studied from the ECAD (Escola Catalana de Doblatge). However, his passion for music only became stronger, as he wanted to hone his skills more as a music producer and a drummer.  After completing his voice-over studies he was accepted into the Berklee College of Music where he majored in Professional Music.

His vision of creating a production company with his talented friends, Shirley Song and Jimmy "Yanming" Yu came to reality in 2016, where he co-founded Soundesque.   He is currently the lead-producer and is in charge of the voice-over department, while also lending his skills as a drummer.






Tinkering away on the piano since the age of six and having grown up with grandparents who were theatre actors, directors and playwrights, Shirley Song knew from a young age that she wanted to write music that could capture and portray drama.

Shirley is an Australian composer from Sydney, that is currently based in Los Angeles, USA.  Her most recent works include "Human Nature", a short film for Giorgio Armani, which was screened and premiered at the 2017 SXSW festival, and the documentary "Mandrills: A Second Chance"  for the Jane Goodall Institute.  

Shirley was awarded the Alf Clausen Award, 2016 and was the composer for several theatre productions for Cathay Playhouse and SACCAT.   She has scored various short films, trailers and various promotional videos for Australian, Chinese and US productions and her concert music has been performed at venues across Sydney, Australia, including the Sydney Opera HouseSeymour CenterSydney Conservatorium of Music...

Shirley is a graduate of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, University of Sydney, where she achieved first class honours in Composition, and majored in Film Scoring at the Berklee College of Music.  She has since worked for renowned film composer Mason Daring and is currently working for award winning composer, Jeff Danna.  She is the co-founder of music production company, Soundesqueand is currently serving as the Lead Composer, alongside Salvador Blajé Montiel (Sal•B) and Jimmy Yanming Yu . 





Jimmy Yu was born in Rochester, New York and raised in Holmdel, New Jersey just across the waters from New York City.  Having been around a rich musical environment all his life, developing a passion for music came at an early age--from playing flute in an orchestral setting to guitar in a technical metal band.  Having always been obsessed with music, Jimmy was always curious how his favorite records were made.  Who's involved? What goes into making a record?...After checking out the credits on his favorite bands and seeing the same names appear over and over again it made him think even more what it meant to be a producer and a mixer.

Focused on high fidelity, Jimmy has dedicated countless hours into making sounds come to life. Having studied Music Production & Engineering at the Berklee College of Music, Jimmy is well equipped with handling audio production involving ADR, Foley, vocal production, orchestral, choir and drum recording.   Jimmy has collaborated with clients including Vic Firth and many recording-artists, film composers, and bands as a producer and has bee tracking engineer and mixing engineer.