"SAXON" - An Animated Miniseries

We here at Soundesque LOVE animations.  We love watching them and we love writing music, sound designing and doing voice-overs for them!

One of our most recent projects has been writing the music for the first episode of up-coming animated miniseries, "Saxon."  It follows a teenage dropout named Saxon and their cat Bartholomew as they solve the mysterious death of a local teen.  It's dark, but oh so witty!

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Giorgio Armani Film Screening @ SXSW

So, some pretty exciting news we got here.  Towards the end of last year, we were brought on to work on the music for a short film that was part of Giorgio Armani's - Films of City Frames series along with Emerson College.  The end result? Say hello to "Human Nature", directed by Luis Meijas and Luke Zvara.

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Voice-Overs: Some Techniques/Advice (Giant Fox game characters)

Hey all!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

Salvador here! Thought I'd kick off the new year with a blog post on voice-overs!

So we at Soundesque were pretty stoked when Giant Fox, Indie game company from Barcelona, Spain, wanted us to provide some voice-overs for their latest video game trailer, Rise of Titans.  (See excerpts of the trailer that I did here)

Prior to studying at the Berklee College of Music, I studied dubbing and voice-overs dubbing at ECAD.  In today's blog post, I thought it would be interesting for me to share what goes into the thought and preparation process of coming up with voices for characters.

The biggest challenge I faced was finding the right voice for each of the characters, giving them enough credibility to fit the visuals, and how to bring something two-dimensional, to life. Here are some of my tips:

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Holiday Festivities

Hello everyone!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! (An early Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years guys!)

Sorry we haven't posted anything the past month or two! We've been so busy here that we haven't really had the time to breathe and sort of write about it, but we have so many exciting projects that we worked on these past months that will be released early next year!  We worked with Emerson College and Giorgio Armani and their short film for the Armani City of Frames series.  We also worked on a Mandrills documentary by the Jane Goodall Institute, that we're really proud of.  We have many more exciting projects lined up and can't wait to share it with you all!

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I, Oblivious (Trailer and Film) , Director: Faysal Chadimi

A really close friend of ours, who happens to also be an exceptionally talented, young composer Brandon Liew, asked one of our composers, Shirley (aka me, who's currently writing this post), if she could do the music to the trailer for the film that he's been working on called "I, Oblivious" directed by Moroccan born, Boston based Film-maker, Faysal Chadimi.

"I Oblivious is a short film that tells the story about human ignorance of world issues. (Poverty, racism,war...). "Adam" (The main character) is having an internal argument with his subconscious over these world issues. He debates how most humans act like they don't belong to this world: acting selfishly and irresponsibly, when in fact, they are the source of each problem that currently exists."

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"Oh My Darling" Premiere

We've worked with theatre production company Cathay Playhouse Inc. for many years now and we love what they're doing!  We had the privilege this year to work again with them and Jus Media Productions on the music for their trailer for their upcoming production "Oh My Darling", which premiers on the 18th of October!

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