I, Oblivious (Trailer and Film) , Director: Faysal Chadimi

A really close friend of ours, who happens to also be an exceptionally talented, young composer Brandon Liew, asked one of our composers, Shirley (aka me, who's currently writing this post), if she could do the music to the trailer for the film that he's been working on called "I, Oblivious" directed by Moroccan born, Boston based Film-maker, Faysal Chadimi.

"I Oblivious is a short film that tells the story about human ignorance of world issues. (Poverty, racism,war...). "Adam" (The main character) is having an internal argument with his subconscious over these world issues. He debates how most humans act like they don't belong to this world: acting selfishly and irresponsibly, when in fact, they are the source of each problem that currently exists."

Soundesque just wants to say a huge thanks to both Brandon and Faysal for trusting us to do the music for the trailer!  Also, a huge shoutout to the entire cast and crew! 

Check out Brandon Liew's soundtrack to this film:

Watch the trailer here: