Mai Ikushima grew up in a household filled with classical piano, rock guitars, and a constant stream of local music hits. Her father was very influential in showing her how to make people laugh with animal and iconic movie sounds recreated with only her body and voice, and her obsession with sound took off from there. Wherever she went, she would absorb the peculiar sounds of the area, like the Kuma-Zemi cicadas of her childhood summers spent at her grandmother’s home in Aichi, or her neighbor’s gentle banjo twangs and rocking chair creaks in muggy Alabama.


Born in Toyota City of Japan, raised in WV, AL, CA, and Hokkaido, and having lived in Saint Paul, Boston, England, and now Los Angeles, her immersion in many different environments and cultures runs deeper than most. Consequently, she is very keen on creating convincing worlds with just her microphones and effects. She is constantly involved in sound design and Foley for a vast audience, through games, short form animations and films for festivals, and has received the Suzanne Ciani Award from Berklee College of Music.







バークリー音楽大学の、Electronic Music and Design部に所属後、Suzanne Ciani賞を受け取り、現在は、フォーリーアートとサウンドデザインを、ゲーム、アニメーション、フェスティバル用ショートムービーなど、幅広いジャンルで活動。